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Our junior high school and high school classes are focused on communication and interaction with classmates and teachers collectively.  We use a variety of texts and materials, including "SMART CHOICE", "True Stories", and "TED 21st century reading", depending on the needs of the students.  Students perform exercises such as shadowing, reading, listening, discussion, and so on.  Sometimes students are assigned small projects in order to present information that has been studied and use language independently and creatively.  Students are encouraged to communicate their opinions and experiences in a friendly atmosphere where thoughts and and ideas are welcomed. 

Learning a language is difficult and mistakes are inevitable.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, make mistakes, and learn from experience.  In our classes students often learn how to enjoy their mistakes, make jokes and have fun.  This in turn leads to more concrete understanding of how to express themselves.


入学金 11,000円



対象年齢 : 中学生・高校生

定  員 : 3人~6人

開講時間 : 中学生・・・月曜日 19:00-19:50まで 1レッスン50分

             水曜日 18:00-18:50まで 1レッスン50分

             金曜日 19:00-19:50まで 1レッスン50分

             土曜日 17:00-17:50まで 1レッスン50分

                 18:00-18:50まで 1レッスン50分



月  謝 : 8,800円(週1回) 









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